Application Server


Aurora Application Server  v.0.0.1.rc7

Aurora Application Server is a new Python Web Application Server and Framework.

Fast Application Server  v.1

The FAS is a scalable application server with a plugin interface.


PHP Application Server  v.0.2.0

PHP Application Server simplifies the development of Web applications and sites.

Poupine Web Application Server  v.rc

Porcupine is an open-source Python based web application server that provides front-end and back-end revolutionary technologies for building modern data-centric Web 2.

Whitebeam Web Application Server  v.1.3.7

Whitebeam is a complete rapid development Web application server integrating Apache, Posgres, Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine with it's own powerful XML/XPath based secure application framework.

X Application Server System  v.0.52

X Application Server System represents a new approach to distributing X-based applications, freeing users from platform constraints and scaling concerns.

XDFLengine - XML application server  v.32.1.1

Full XML application server designed to build high performance applications based on XML technologies in no time.

BarracudaDrive Application Server  v.5.3

With BarracudaDrive, it's easy to store, access, and share files online.

DBFree V3 NSR  v.3.0

DBFree is a freeware Application Server expressly designed to build and run database web applications using Xbase/Clipper scripts and DBF databases.Available in different versions for educational, personal, professional or corporate use.

WebLogic Server  v.6 1

Oracle WebLogic Server updates the world's best application server for building and deploying enterprise Java EE applications with support for new features for lowering cost of operations, improving performance, and supporting the Oracle Applications

Caravan Business Server 2.00-03D  v.1.0

Caravan Business Server (CBS) is a powerful viable alternative development platform.

Application Servers Update  v.2.0

This update upgrades various Java application server components shipped in Mac OS X Server 10.

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